The first inhabitants of the territory that would become the Senhorio de Santa Rita were fishermen who began to explore the territories donated through sesmaria 0168, a region that would become known in the future as Praia da Redinha, in the capital of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal.

In 1603 the current territory of the Landlord was also donated through sesmaria to Joaquim de Albuquerque, who constituted the Landlord of Albuquerque there. For several decades the territory of Santa Rita would be forgotten, having a more accentuated development in the 70's, when remnants of the Albuquerque family returned to the territory and built a residence there, named Solar de Albuquerque and that would be the first property to constitute the assets of the Albuquerque family. Also part of the Kingdom's territories are the residences of the royal family located in Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte.

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